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Yellow Sapphire Premium 6+ 3.6ct

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Yellow Sapphire Premium 6+ 3.6ct1562083954
SKU : 11289261
Weight (in mg) : 720.0000
Weight in Carat : 3.6

Color : Light Yellow

Shape : Oval
Width : 7.88
Length : 9.45
Depth : 4.14
Clarity : Transparent
Origin : Sri Lanka

Yellow sapphire blesses one with good luck & fortune, wealth & prosperity, valor & fameIt diminishes hurdles in finding love, marriage,Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) yellow coloured gemstone belongs to the Corundum mineral family. Being one of the most recognised gemstones in Vedic astrology,


.Natural Emerald is available in all shapes, sizes and weights, rates may vary.
.Gem testing certificate is available on request only.
.We also make rings of all gemstones in gold and silver.
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