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Morganite 18K White Gold Gemstone Ring

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Morganite 18K White Gold Gemstone Ring


Metal + Purity – 18K White Gold

Weight – 8 gram

Rhodium Plated - Yes

Price- INR 34,800/-



Number of Diamonds - 28

Minimum Color – IJ

Minimum Clarity – Transparent

Minimum Weight – 1.40 Carat (0.5 Cent each)

Setting Type –Prong

Price –INR 56,000/-



Number of Center Cushion Morganite- 1

Minimum Color – Peach

Minimum Clarity – Transparent

Minimum Weight – 8 Carat

Setting Type – Prong

Price –INR 7,350/-

Add more class to your attire with brilliant 8 carat morganite ring encircled with 28 glittering diamonds (0.5 cent each) IJ clarity. Beautiful morganite diamond ring crafted 18K white gold ring.


If you think that only diamonds or gold are the best jewelry gifts that you can give to your loved ones, have second thoughts! Gemstones are also precious pieces of stones that can surely captivate the eyes of the one will receive your gift.


Morganite ring is a perfect choice for couples looking for elegant and unique engagement rings. Rings made with morganite gemstone are not only gorgeous, but they are also extremely durable, available in a huge selection of styles and designs.


Shipment of ring requires 5-10 business days from the date of confirm order. Customization of ring size is available. A commitment to provide best product and outstanding customer service

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