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Natural Yellow Sapphire Fine 6+ 3.85ct

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Natural Yellow Sapphire Fine 6+ 3.85ct
SKU : 11291243
Weight (in mg) : 770.0000
Weight in Carat : 3.85

Color : Light Yellow

Shape : Oval

Width : 7.87

Length : 11.78

Depth : 3.86

Clarity : Transparent

Origin - Sri Lanka

Yellow Sapphire is known as pukhraj stone is a precious gemstone of the Corundum mineral family. The finest yellow sapphires come from the gem mines of Ratnapura in Sri Lanka. The yellow color in the sapphire is due to the presence of trace elements of iron. The Pukhraj talisman or the yellow sapphire talisman is worn in the Index finger. The color of yellow sapphire is usually caused by minute inclusions of the metal iron. These impurities are often responsible for causing a sapphire to fluorescent, which can be helpful in its identification.

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