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Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring in 18kt Rose Gold

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Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring in 18kt Rose Gold1465415261

SKU – RING0076

Metal + Purity – 18K Rose Gold

Weight – 7 gram

Rhodium Plated - Yes

Price- INR 30,450/-



Number of Side Diamonds - 99

Minimum Color – IJ

Minimum Clarity – Transparent

Minimum Weight – 2.97 Carat (0.3 Cent each)

Setting Type –Pave

Price –INR 1,18,800/-



Number of Center Oval Pink Sapphire - 1

Minimum Color – Pink

Minimum Clarity – Transparent

Minimum Weight – 5 Carat

Setting Type – Prong

Price –INR 52,200/-

ccentuate your look with 18K yellow gold ring embedded with center 1 carat diamond with beautiful two prong setting.


A popular saying about diamonds is that they are a girl's best friend. Another saying is diamonds are forever. So when you receive a diamond ring, especially a yellow gold diamond ring from a guy, wow! Don't let go of that person. This truly means that you are someone special and close to his heart.


Apart from if you are searching for an ideal gift to your partner for celebrating your 10th and 60th wedding anniversary then diamond ring is a great choice.


Certain people are blessed to have a shimmering diamond rings which they can wear and flaunt anywhere and everywhere. Diamond rings have some special element of emotions and sentiments attached to them which goes on accumulating day by day. The celestial presence of a diamond over our delicate fingers says it all. They bring a kind of grace and eternity to our souls.


Shipment of ring requires 5-10 business days from the date of confirm order. Customization of ring size is available. A commitment to provide best product and outstanding customer service.

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