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Yellow Sapphire Premium 6+ 4ct

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Yellow Sapphire Premium 6+ 4ct
SKU : 11279971
Weight (in mg) : 800.0000
Weight in Carat : 4

Color : Light Yellow

Shape : Rectangular Cushion

Width : 9.28
Length : 12.22
Depth : 2.88
Clarity : Transparent

Origin - Sri Lanka

Yellow sapphire known for its astrological benefits. A stone worn by many star signs,It is known to increase your financial status, empowering you with more ways of earning an extra buck to your otherwise routine paycheck.It is also said that if you seek to sort all marital problems, then Pukhraj gemstone is the solution for you. The Power of Pukhraj gem is such that the girl that you want will be yours forever and if a girl will wear this gem then she will get married early. Yellow sapphire gemstone is beneficial for everyone..


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